Effective and Efficient Oral Therapeutics from Pill to Circulation

Our unique poly-bile nanoparticle platform holds promise to replace injections and eliminate the challenges of oral delivery in a breakthrough nanopill technology.  The pill protects drugs, including biologics, through the stomach and intestines while retaining bioactivity. At the intestinal wall, the nanoparticles are taken into the body and enter circulation, where the drug is released.

Effective and efficacious oral delivery of biologics
Working in collaboration with pharma partners and thought leaders, Toralgen creates novel formulations of proven therapeutics for metabolic and autoimmune diseases replacing cumbersome and often painful injections with a simple and easy to swallow pill.Our proprietary nanopill technology is composed of bile acids that naturally occur in the gut of humans and other mammals. The unmodified terminal ends of our poly bile molecule decorate the outside of our nanoparticles leading to significant uptake as the body seeks to recycle the bile through the enterohepatic path. This allows the nanoparticles to be taken into the body along with whatever drug is loaded inside of them. The technology is capable of encapsulating small molecules, peptides, proteins, and monoclonal antibodies for delivery. We are also in active development of formulations to deliver antigens and immunomodulators orally.

CMax Oral to IV

With small molecules, we have measured over 35% Cmax in rodent PK studies.
Biopharmaceutical Development
Named a top five emerging drug delivery startup

Toralgen is a preclinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of human therapeutics, currently studying treatments for diabetes and autoimmune disorders. Our executive team has a century and a half of combined experience in pharmaceutical research, development, and commercialization. The company is well-funded and welcoming pharmaceutical partners for upcoming trials.

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For many biologics, including peptide, Toralgen can efficiently load the drug to above 10% wt/wt.