The promise of improved drug delivery


Toralgen is developing a proprietary polybile nanopill delivery technology that has many unique properties. Like other nanoparticles, it can be modified to deliver active drug compounds to targeted sites in the body. In addition, it’s base form offers potential synergistic benefits when delivering therapeutics or diagnostics for diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and cancer. ay something interesting about your business here.

Our delivery technology is designed to overcome many of the major hurdles for oral drug delivery:


  1. The nanopill is a physical mixture that doesn't modify its drug payload
  2. Protects cargo through the stomach and intestines
  3. Demonstrated high bioavailability in standard animal models
  4. Some polybile formulations localize to hard to target areas, such as the pancreas

How these benefits might help patients with diabetes?


Our lead program is a based on a 

formulation of polymerized ursodeoxycholic acid, 

pUDCA, for use in diabetes. Testing to date suggests 

the possibility of oral delivery with good biopotency 

of common diabetic molecules such as insulin, GLP-1 

and GLP-2.   Our goal is to improve diabetes treatment 

with a solution that is both cost effective and more 

closely mimics the natural metabolic process in the 

body than existing delivery methods