Landmark Research on Oral Delivery System that Could Transform Diabetes Care Published in Nature Bio

Toralgen and Yale scientists demonstrate an oral drug delivery platform that will enable
improved compliance and patient experience for biotherapeutics such as those used to treat

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (October 6, 2021) – Toralgen, a biotechnology company focused on transforming the delivery of biologic drugs, and Yale University today announced the publication in Nature Biomedical Engineering of preclinical studies highlighting the effectiveness of Toralgen’s novel drug delivery platform in delivering active biologics via oral administration. Until now, this category of therapeutic drugs had to be administered via injection or intravenously.

The publication, Metabolic and immunomodulatory control of Type 1 diabetes via orally delivered bile-acidpolymer nanocarriers of insulin or rapamycin, is the result of more than a decade of research at Fahmy Labs (Yale University) by inventor and Toralgen cofounder, Tarek Fahmy, PhD. This work is the basis for Toralgen’s development of patented platform technology that facilitates the oral administration of active biologics used to treat diabetes and other conditions.

“To date there have been no therapies for diabetes that regulate glucose metabolism while simultaneously addressing the underlying cause of the disease. Our carrier works synergistically with the drug to regulate metabolic insulin levels while simultaneously restoring immune regulation and correcting for immune dysfunction. Those two activities make this a powerful short term therapeutic with potential to reverse disease in the longterm.” Dr. Fahmy said.

Toralgen’s poly-bile nanoparticle platform is unique in that it eliminates the challenges associated with the oral delivery of biologic drugs with a simple-to-fabricate pill. Our nanoparticles protect drug cargo as they pass through the gastrointestinal system and localize delivery of drug agents, potentially improving efficacy and safety of a wide range of therapies. Toralgen CEO Gerald Rea noted that this paper emphasizes the “potential of the platform to deliver, in a non immunogenic and tolerogenic manner, novel oral therapies ranging from small molecules to insulin and large biologics.

“We are excited to share these data and the achievements of Dr. Fahmy and his lab as we mature the technology toward positively impacting patients’ lives,” Rea said.

About Toralgen, Inc.
Toralgen, Inc. is a preclinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of human therapeutics. Its poly-bile nanoparticle platform eliminates many of the inherent challenges of biologics and has the potential to improve outcomes through optimized drug delivery. Toralgen is currently studying treatments for diabetes and autoimmune disorders. For information or to inquire about possible collaborations, visit our website.

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